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Dad's First Lecture

 Can we all agree that raising a child doesn't come with an instruction manual? Ok, I know that there are instruction guides out there written by professional child psychologists, or whatever, but really folks! Do those instruction guides really help with your specific child?  Of course not!  If we're really being honest here, most of the time we kind of "wing it."  One of the things I remember that amazed me about my dad is his ability to give a long, drawn out lecture.  My dad could go on talking for hours.  That statement is not an exaggeration! My brothers and sisters and I timed him on more than one occasion.  If I remember correctly, my dad's personal best was a staggering two hour discourse.  Can anyone reading this blog even fathom just how log two hours is, especially to a ten year old?  Fast forward about sixteen years and I found myself a father of a two-year-old little girl who didn't want to go to bed and stay there.  I could see by the look on my